Thursday, March 19, 2009

de Young Museum's Bouquets to Art Opening Gala 3/16

I had a wonderful time at de Young Museum's Bouquets to Art Opening Night Gala on Monday. I bumped into many great friends - my former floral instructors, old pals from school and friends from the industry.

At the Opening Night Gala, there were approximately 20+ floral gowns made to reflect the current Yves Saint Laurent's fashion exhibition at de Young.

I made a floral dress inspired by an evening gown from the YSL couture collection. The original was a black lace dress. I crafted mine with hard glue embellished with natural skeleton leaves to create the look of transparency(for the presentation, my model wore a silk underdress). The floral gown was finished with white phalaenopsis orchids, wax flowers, and a pair of red rose petal bows on the side. I purposely reversed my dress to white because I want my gown to be an inspirational piece not a straight replica. I want to translate the YSL fashion style into a petal language. To my surprise, together with matching headpiece and glove, my floral dress turned out very much like a wedding gown!
A matching headpiece
Me and my model Susanna
I really like the glove I made to match the dress. This can be a nice floral accessory for brides to wear.
There were many other dresses I like by other talented designers. Unfortunately the museum was too packed without enough room for is a pity that we can't show off our floral costumes during the Bouquets to Art week. So I can only show you pictures of what were presented at the Opening Night Gala.
Models at the backstage -
Of course you can still visit the museum for its current exhibtion of floral art. Bouquets to Art ends this Saturday at 5:15pm, don't miss it!
Have a peak at some extraordinary designs from Bouquets to Art...
The gorgeous bark dress on the right is by my friend Leila Simms. You can see how it relates to the painting behind.
My floral design instructor, Jenny Tabarracci, created the beautiful succulent urn on the right.

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