Friday, April 18, 2008

A New Direction

Poppy's Petalworks had relaunched our website for about six months. It is our pride and greatest pleasure to have Hybrid Workshop design this new image for us. When we relaunched our website, I wanted to included a blog just so that brides may check out our latest works and get updates about Poppy's Petalworks. But as time goes, I am defining a clearer direction and mission for Poppy's Blog. I want this blog to be a base ground where we can not only to share Poppy's latest projects and news, I also want it to be a home where I can share with readers my passion for floral design.

I fall in love with this at-first-a-hobby, now-a-career, about six years ago (to know more about my journey in floral design, please read Poppy's About section). I have been continuously advancing my techniques and expanding my horizon by taking floral design courses and attending conferences and workshops. Recently I am developing a new passion in competition and exhibition work. So, what have I been up to? Other than Poppy's weddings and floral design workshops I am teaching for CCHC, I have been practicing and here are some of my recent works.