Monday, February 14, 2011

Eye Candy - A Rainbow Wedding

Having a hard time deciding the color for your wedding? How about a rainbow color scheme?

Alexis & Matthrew had a fun rainbow color wedding at the Berkeley City Club and I created floral purses for the girls to match with their rainbow dresses. Each groomsman had a different succulent boutonniere that goes with the girls' floral purses. The bride and groom were in traditional white. It was certainly one of the most interesting weddings I have done.

Special thanks to photographer Marla Aufmuth for sharing these beautiful images with us.


Lynn said...

I love the purses, and my daughter would to. What kind of leaves were they made out of? I really think I could do this to...Thanks so much for sharing...

Laura Auyeung, AIFD CFD said...

Hi Lynn - they are variegated lily grass. Have fun making one of your own floral purses!