Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Clients and friends ask me how to keep cut flowers fresh longer...there are some "secrets":
  • Clean the vase/container very well before putting in flower. Bacteria is the number one killer that shortens flower life.
  • Angle cut stems.
  • Dip flowers in florist alum quickly before putting in water. It allows flowers to absorb more water. Alum works for most flowers.
  • Add flower food or floral preservative in clean water.
  • Keep flowers away from ripening fruits, which generate ethylene gas. Flowers are extremely sensitive to ethylene gas, which will cause decay to happen much faster!
  • Keep flowers away from heat.
  • Change water frequently.

Repeat these steps everytime you change water for the flowers, and they will last longer for you!

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